I’ll see you on the Rainbow Bridge…


“If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and man.” 

Mark Twain


Many years ago, I rescued a dog that happened to run past my sister’s house while I was there. As fate would have it, it was a Siberian Husky. My dog of choice.

Being the Husky whisperer, I chased it down while making a big noise and as soon as I caught its attention, I turned around and ran back.

Well, the Husky is the most intelligent dog known to man and built to run like the wind; but it also can’t ignore an opportunity to race a lesser being so it predictably turned around and sprinted at me with intent and as it beat me, I grabbed it.

My cursory inspection revealed a maggot infested bloody neck wound caused by a permanent chain. I wasn’t guessing – the chain was still there, embedded in its flesh.


The dog was still skittish so my brother in law offered to keep him overnight while I decided my next move. There was no way in hell I would be trying to reunite him with his owner unless by reuniting you meant chaining the motherfucker to the back of my 4 wheeled sled and watching him be dragged at 60km/hr on a dirt road by four quick dogs.

The next day, after he attempted to escape, I brought him home and started working on removing the chain and healing the wound. I could not go to the vet. I did not want to report him found.

Day by day, trusting me even though it hurt, he let me wash the wound and medicate it and eventually I drew the chain out.

His neck healed, as did his temperament and I did what I thought was right. I rehomed the dog I had illegally liberated with a young couple who were mad about huskies but could not afford one. I already had 3.


I just found out that he died this Wednesday. His parents are devastated and can’t stop crying. They had him for over 10 years and he was the love of their lives.

And so tonight,  I say a prayer for Nanook.

“I’ll see you on the Rainbow Bridge, my brave boy. Mish, Tash, and Nik are holding your spot on the sled. I will never forget your trust nor your patience nor your bravery in adversity. I love you.”

Happy Trails x