The Life of an Artist


My 12-year-old’s insights….


Hhhh…do you hear that too?? All that noise, it’s giving me a headache! I can see 1 000 000 colours in a rainbow and hear every single drop of rain that falls down a few thousand kilometres from here!


The life of an artist is a stressful life to have. A life where everything you see is painted on a canvas in front of you and all that you know is written down inside you.

You have the strange ability to erase certain things about the past and the amazing yet absorbing ability to sketch the future and explore thousands of different places through pictures and paintings.

Daydreaming is both the worst and best gifts an artist has…I seem to recall me falling behind in mathematics in grade 5 because I was too busy meeting my favourite musician at the age of 23, than to care whether or not any…

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